Throughout 2021, Spring House has supported five student projects in three schools on the Flathead Reservation! These projects include holding a nurse's appreciation dinner, starting a pen-pal program with a group of elders, showing younger students how to live a healthy lifestyle, launching an entrepreneurship program in a business education class, and creating friendship bracelets to increase empathy among fourth-graders.



what is happening with projects

Lanie, nurses' project manager

Our project is going well. We have contacted the hospital and plan to serve meals on the 9th and 16th of May. We plan on cooking at the Methodist Church and then serving the meals the same day. We also had the school sign some thank you cards to give the nurses when we go. We have made a shopping list and are planning to get the food on April 30th. 

Canyon, healthy lifestyles project manager

So far we have approved May 3rd and 4th for talking to our elementary students about healthy lifestyles. We plan to talk to the kids about the importance of healthy eating and exercising. We have also had our Fun Run approved for May 13th. We have changed our run from having color packets in the run to giving each class their own colored t-shirt. We are going on our shopping trip tomorrow to get supplies for our lesson plans and run.

Bryce, elder
pen-pal project manager

We visited one of the nursing homes and met some of the residents. Last Friday we bought some of the gifts we need to deliver to the nursing homes. This past week we worked on writing our first letters and plan on delivering them with the gifts this Friday.


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